With DG Fuels Technology, the Hydrogen Transportation Future is Here Today

DG Fuels is an emerging leader in renewable hydrogen and biogenic based, synthetic low emissions aviation and diesel fuel. The DG Fuels’ technology does not require the development of new engines or an expanded hydrogen transportation and storage infrastructure. DG Fuels’ innovative technology produces a renewables-based replacement fuel for the aircraft, locomotives and trucks that are in use today.

Conventional petrochemical refineries generally utilize about 85% of the carbon in crude oil feedstock into products. While gastoliquids refineries convert about 60% of the carbon in natural gas feedstock into products.

Historically, cellulosic biofuels facilities have typically utilized only about 25% of the carbon in their biomass feedstock into products.

In an important technological step forward DG Fuels’ synergistic process breaks the carbon utilization barrier and has achieved a utilization efficiency of up to 93%. Increased carbon utilization efficiency of this extent combined with renewable hydrogen in a drop in replacement fuel results in more than 100% lower greenhouse gas emissions on a full life cycle basis.

Additionally, DG Fuels carbonized liquid hydrogen replacement fuel has a net 7% improved energy density than conventional fuels improving payload or range dynamics. In the example of a fully fueled Boeing 747 aircraft, it would have an additional 17,500 lb. payload for the same range.

DG Fuels synergistic system results in jet fuel with a negative CO2 life cycle of 104.2% less (-3.5 gCO2e/MJ) than conventional jet fuel from petroleum which has an average of 94 gCO2e/MJ.

Delta, DG Fuels partner in pivotal expansion of sustainable fuel market

DG Fuels will provide Delta with 385 million gallons of a new low-emissions sustainable aviation fuel, a vital resource needed for aviation to reach its sustainability goals.   The production of DG Fuels SAF is up to 85% lower in lifecycle greenhouse gas emissions...

HydrogenPro Joins Key Suppliers and Investors in Providing Convertible Loan to DG Fuels’ Sustainable Aviation Fuel Facility in Louisiana.

HydrogenPro AS (OSE: HYPRO) – HydrogenPro Joins Key Suppliers and Investors in Providing Convertible Loan to DG Fuels’ Sustainable Aviation Fuel Facility in Louisiana. 29th October 2021. HydrogenPro AS (OSE: HYPRO) – HydrogenPro Joins Key Suppliers and Investors in...

DG Fuels: The Unusual Suspects are building big in Louisiana, as SAFtember continues

There have been a number of ambitious projects for Sustainable Aviation Fuels announced in recent days, mostly from the Usual Suspects. But, an unusual suspect became more visible earlier this month when word arrived that DG Fuels was invited to submit a Part II...


Washington, D.C., September 1, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – DG Fuels, LLC, today announced that it has been invited to submit a Part II Application for a loan guarantee under the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Title XVII Loan Guarantee Program. If successful, the proposed...

GE Aviation Pursues Alternative Fuel Sources for its Jet Engine Testing

GE Aviation has signed an agreement to purchase cellulosic synthetic biofuel from The D’Arcinoff Group (DG), based in Washington, D.C., to be used for production and development testing of GE jet engines.