DG Fuels Named Among the 50 Hottest Companies in the Bioeconomy Two Years in a Row

VACHERIE, La. (April 9, 2024) – DG Fuels, a sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) company, announces its inclusion on the prestigious list of the 50 Hottest Companies in the Bioeconomy for the second consecutive year. This recognition emphasizes DG Fuels’ commitment to innovation and sustainability in the responsible development of renewable energy solutions.

The annual ranking is presented by The Biofuels Digest, a leading publication in the sector with a global readership exceeding 6.1 million. Selected for its advancements in sustainable aviation and transportation fuels, DG Fuels is instrumental in shaping the bioeconomy landscape, reducing carbon emissions and fostering a more sustainable future.

“We are pleased to be recognized alongside distinguished colleagues in the bioeconomy field,” said Michael C. Darcy, CEO of DG Fuels. “This acknowledgment reflects DG Fuels’ diligent efforts and commitment to global sustainability endeavors as we deploy our scalable and highly efficient SAF technology.”

The 50 Hottest Companies in the Bioeconomy is an annual ranking that highlights companies making significant contributions to the bio-based economy, including biofuels, bioproducts and renewable chemicals. The list is compiled based on votes from industry experts and peers, reflecting the impact and innovation of the selected companies.

DG Fuels’ repeated inclusion on this list is not only a recognition of its past achievements but also a beacon of its potential to drive future advancements in the bioeconomy.   

Among its top alternative locations, DG Fuels is seeking to locate its first $4.96 billion sustainable aviation fuel facility in St. James Parish, Louisiana that will produce enough SAF, after blending, to fuel more than 30,000 transatlantic flights a year.

As part of this process, DG Fuels proposed a legally binding Community Benefits Agreement for the Parish that commits $26 million to community programs and philanthropic organizations. On February 21, the Parish Council passed a resolution endorsing this agreement.

DG Fuels will continue to engage with its neighbors and local leaders at every step of the process as it seeks approval for the overall project. Once the project is approved and DG Fuels makes its Final Investment Decision, the company will contribute $9.3 million in up-front community investments and another $16.75 million in community benefits over a multiyear period, as outlined in the agreement.

Once fully operational, the clean energy project is estimated to create 650 direct permanent jobs and a total of 1,397 indirect jobs in St. James Parish and generate a total of 6,474 jobs in Louisiana. In the first year of operation, those jobs are estimated to earn more than $450 million in earnings and add more than $1.2 billion in value and $3.1 billion in new economic output within the state. Over 30 years, DG Fuels operations are expected to contribute over $8 billion in earnings, $20 billion in value added, and $55 billion in output to the state economy, after discounting forecast dollars to present value.

For more information and to receive updates on DG Fuels progress, visit https://louisiana.dgfuels.com/.