DG Fuels Selects Johnson Matthey and bp Technology for World’s Largest Fischer Tropsch SAF Production Plant

VACHERIELa. (April 10, 2024) – DG Fuels, a sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) company proposing construction of a $4 billion clean energy complex in St. James Parish, is proud to announce its collaboration with Johnson Matthey (JM) and bp in deploying Fischer Tropsch (FT) CANS™ technology for its pioneering sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) plant. Set to be situated in St. James Parish, Louisiana, this facility represents a monumental leap towards sustainable aviation, boasting a planned capacity of 13,000 barrels per day. This capacity, post-blending, is estimated to fulfill the fuel requirements for more than 30,000 transatlantic flights annually, marking a significant stride in reducing the carbon footprint of air travel worldwide.

“Using Johnson Matthey and bp’s co-developed Fischer Tropsch (FT) CANS™ technology allows DG Fuels to scale SAF at high volume production and competitive prices for the first time ever,” said Michael Darcy, CEO of DG Fuels. “This innovation will take DG Fuels’ SAF from the sugar cane fields of Louisiana to cleaner skies all across the world.”

DG Fuels’ commitment to sustainability is highlighted by its strategic partnerships with industry giants such as Delta Air Lines, Air France-KLM, and Airbus. These collaborations further affirm DG Fuels’ vision of scaling up the usage of SAF on a global scale.

“The size of this project is truly exciting and would help take the industry closer to wide-scale use of SAF. DG Fuels has ambitious plans and the fact it has secured agreements with major airlines demonstrates there is appetite in the market,” said Maurits van Tol, Chief Executive for Catalyst Technologies at Johnson Matthey. “Our FT CANS technology enables cost-effective deployment across a wide range of project sizes. We look forward to working with DG Fuels as a long-term partner for SAF production.”

The plant is expected to commence production by 2028, signaling a landmark moment in the journey towards a more sustainable aviation industry. With this strategic partnership, DG Fuels, Johnson Matthey, and bp are poised to redefine the future of aviation fuel production, setting a new standard for environmental responsibility and innovation in the sector. 

  • DG Fuels has chosen Johnson Matthey and bp’s co-developed Fischer Tropsch (FT) CANS™ technology for its first sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) plant.
  • Located in Louisiana, USA, it would be the largest announced FT SAF production facility in the world, with a planned capacity of 13,000 barrels per day – capable, after blending to 50%, of producing enough SAF for more than 30,000 transatlantic flights annually.
  • DG Fuels has already secured offtake agreements with Delta Air Lines and Air France-KLM, and has a strategic partnership with Airbus to scale up the use of SAF globally.
  • Signed at the end of March, this is the tenth sustainable technologies project win in Catalyst Technologies since April 2022, delivering on our strategic milestone for large scale project wins.

“We are extremely excited to be moving forward with Johnson Matthey to execute our unique strategy of high carbon conversion,” said Christopher J. Chaput, President of DG Fuels. “With this technology, we will create a product that is responsibly made and can be immediately substituted for conventional aviation fuel with no engine adaptations. This partnership is a significant boost to help the aviation industry reach its climate goals.”

“The aviation industry is looking to greatly increase its use of SAF, and we’re proud that DG Fuels has selected our technology to be at the heart of their ambitious plans for large scale SAF production,” said Noemie Turner, VP Technology Development & Commercialisation at bp. “Our FT CANS technology solution brings together decades of science and engineering expertise from bp and JM, and this project shows its competitiveness across the range of production scales and feedstock sources the industry needs. We’re excited to see the relationship with DG Fuels grow, and we look forward to seeing this project come to fruition.”

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