company strategy

DG Fuels will initially focus on the production of synthetic jet fuel then later synthetic diesel fuel. The DG Fuels Program will be implemented over 15 years at multiple locations and in multiple phases at each location. The electric power for the manufacturing processes will come largely from renewable energy initially to be produced by other entities but later installed directly by DG Fuels. Excess electricity produced may be sold into the commercial power grid.

DG Fuels domestically produced and environmentally responsible low-CO2 emissions fuels will meet ASTM fuel standards and will be price competitive with fuels refined from petroleum. The DG Fuels manufacturing process only uses cellulosic biomass in the form of agricultural waste and renewable power for water electrolysis generated hydrogen and oxygen feedstock. Using these types of raw material will have a positive economic effect on farmers and landowners without a negative effect on consumer food prices.

Key DGF Program factors: