For direct power grid service:

The DGF Program biomass gasification process will convert multiple biomass feedstocks into synthesis gas (syngas.) Excess heat from this process will be used to produce steam turbine electric power. This renewable power along with excess wind and solar derived electric power generated during the summer months will be made available for sale on the power grid.

The Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) program requires existing power providers to increase the amount of electric power derived from qualified renewable-energy resources. DGF Program’s renewable power is expected to qualify under the RPS program. DGF power will be sold in the wholesale market to: independent power producers, trading company or local utilities, municipal electric authorities or rural cooperatives.

Additional electric grid power will be generated through natural gas oxidation (a form of gasification) and made available for sale on the power grid.

For electric power service independent of the grid:

A byproduct of the DGF Process is excess hydrogen which will be stored and transported in proprietary slurry which acts as a reusable liquid battery for hydrogen. This safe and cost effective method of hydrogen transportation will allow DGF to provide nearly zero emissions electric power to urban areas when the hydrogen is extracted and burned in gas turbine generators. This process not only eliminates overall carbon emissions, but results in the release of essentially warm moist air at the urban locations where the generators are located.

DGF will construct and operate large floating gas turbine power plants off-shore of target markets that will provide power through existing power grids or directly to coastal customers.